Taking a risk: my farming experience

Hello reader, lovers.
Its over 3months i posted on my blog. I have been up to alot in the last month from late last year to this present moment.
It’s really a trying time this year due to the emergence of the global pandemic Covid-19. Please adhere to all safety/protective measures.
If you are in Nigeria please use your face mask.

Like i said initially I’ve been up to alot from fashion to farming. All in the F category Lol.  Which is a way of exploiting opportunities.

Initially I’ve been building a clothing brand from scratch and its been really tedious and time consuming but I know I can scale through.

The pandemic has given me the opportunity to exploit another field of income (Agriculture). Agriculture was once the highest contributor to Nigeria’s GDP before the discovery of Oil.

I currently reside in a state where farming is part of the major occupation. The pandemic coupled with the Lockdown imposed by the government really slowed down my clothing brand but I’m still selling though. And I couldn’t really watch money sit in my account so I decided to invest on Irish Potatoe farming.

It’s an exciting field and experience but very stressful when you want to do the farming yourself; this is why we should appreciate technology and innovations which make things easier.

My first day was hectic. I learnt how to plant in just few minutes, learnt fertilizer application same day , covering of opened land and also learnt some terms used in farming.
I noticed small scale farming is a bit capital intensive but I heard the returns are juicy really.
In less than 3 and half months i would be harvesting and selling (You can be my customer)
A bag of irish goes for about #16000.

The fatigue on the first day was unbearable lol. My back ached, oh my legs and laps really pained me. I practically ate like 4 times that day. Imagine a petty eater eating 4 solid meals lol. The farm really took some part of me. Yet I survived and the future looks promising and I might end up farming on a large scale but this is a trial.

This post will lead to my next blog post: EXPLOITING OPPORTUNITIES AS A YOUNG PERSON. Lessons I learnt.

What have been up to during this pandemic?.


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