Africa today is becoming the continent with a population base of higher Young people compared to adults. Africa population is generally young with 60% of her entire population aged below 25. A continent that in no time will be predominantly occupied by young adults. It is predicted that by 2030 the youth population will increase by 42%. The rapid increase in young population may seem like a problem to the continent based on some faults in the system of governance, policies on the continent.

How then can Africa utilise her youth population?

It is true and not a lie that Africa’s industrial demand is different from what the educational system give. There’s a fault in the educational system which needs to be corrected and redefined. Education boards should change the school curriculum to fit industries demand to make youths qualify for industrial works.

Vocational skills complimented with theoretical education seems like a way forward to tackle the challenge of youth unemployment Africa might face due to the rise in youth population.

Entrepreneurship should be a core subject to implement if Africa wants to utilise her youths. Africa has the potential of growing her economy in a geometric progression, entrepreneurship is key in achieving this height.

Technologically, the world keeps changing every second and minute. Encouraging and supporting innovation and driving technology should be one of the most important way to utilise the youths. Build, Support and Encourage innovative youths. Embrace innovations, export innovations. Africa can get better courtesy innovation.


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