What causes distraction in a relationship?


Good afternoon readers and happy Sallah. Its really nice to experience another Sallah. I am so happy with the Sallah break atleast it has relieved me from engineering problems.

It has been up to a month i wrote, well its the normal busy busy school schedule.

So I sat and thought about several things and ended up with the relationship issue. I dont know if your relation is really perfect or not but there is one thing common in all relationships which is: DISTRACTION.

I have been in relationships and definitely this stuff called distration pops up everytime. Its either break a relationship or make it stronger. I dont think one can avoid this in a relationship but i think its manageable; you can try to balance yourself and be back in tract.

So I am just gonna throw a question at everyone. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF DISTRACTIONS IN A RELATIONSHIP?.

I know everyone will definitely have a view or an opinion on this.

drop your comments, lets converse.

Thank you, Love you.

Email: adeyemigems@gmail.com


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