picture: view from my present location Jos, Nigeria.

The weekend is virtually the most anticipated days of the week . Saturdays, Sundays are considered weekend days but what of friday night?. You see, to me Friday is the start of the weekend. We all are familiar with the abbreviation TGIF (Thank God Its Friday). You know there’s this joy Friday brings to you especially the evening which comes along with its own Clubbing vibe. I would say the best day to club should be on a Friday. I can conclude that Fridays are for clubbing. club owners make their largest income on this day. If you are a Club owner “Congratulations you are about to make your biggest income of the week”.

So lets all agree Friday is the start of the weekend. Everyone basically have a way they spend their weekend. Some have probably planned it like since wednesday or infact monday Lol (those are lovers of the weekend).

If you are in Nigeria, especially in the western part of the country infact all regions of the country, we will all agree weekends are for OWANBE generally known as PARTY. There’s this general saying “weekends are for Owanbe” , i virtually use that saying almost everyweek. All these owanbes are actually scheduled for Saturdays. Hahaha I LOVE SATURDAYS.

Picture: this is me at Lastweek owanbe

I can beat my chest and count more than 20 owanbes will be going down today. So if you are planning on visiting Nigeria, Please i’m begging you DONT LEAVE NIGERIA WITHOUT ATTENDING ATLEAST ONE OWANBE.

And for those of us that are anticipating GAME OF THRONES episodes.. I know Sunday/Monday (depending on your time zone) is the most anticipated day of the weekend for the next one month. We look forward to episode 3.

I wouldn’t forget we the Football fans. Saturday, Sunday is our time. This is what makes the weekend extra unique. CHELSEA IS MY CLUB i hope we win against Watford.

What are your plans for the weekend?.. Comment lets converse…


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Thank you, I love you all.



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