POSITIVE INFLUENCERS: key to happiness and growth.

invest in positive thinking with positive influencers

Yea its Tuesday already, seems like a very fast week. Well my week has really been good so far and I am sure yours too has been good. It’s still not late to check my last content in case: https://aadeyemi.home.blog/2019/04/28/tips-on-how-to-start-a-positive-week/ , it will really help you to get into shape as the week is still fresh.

So on Sunday I decided I was going to post twice this week, but having my esteem readers in mind, I decided I would drop three posts.

Well now, I will be giving you the advantages of having positive influencers or people around you. We all make friends yea, but I think friends differs from friends. Having a person that motivate and encourage you is way different from having a friend that doesn’t encourage or push you to achieve your set goals.

People believe happiness is a choice but sometimes the people around you can influence your happiness. In my years of research, I’ve found out that humans are influencers. Mr A can influence Mr B either positively or negatively.

Here are reasons why you should stick to positive influencers or friends

  1. They encourage you: negative influencers don’t influence you for good, they only discourage you. You probably must have failed at something, they will just laugh at you instead of encouraging and admonishing you to keep on trying and be strong. This is why you need positive influencers around you. Those that will stand by you and give you the encouragement you need.
  • They increase you IQ: the brain is so unique in a manner that it tends to adapt quickly to information. Positive information increases your capacity to perform and this can be achieved my yielding yourself to positive influencers. Negative influencers won’t increase your capacity to think and perform, rather they try to make you who they are. Invest in positive thinking with positive influencers.
  • They make you happy: this is definitely the health benefit of positive influencers lol. They make you happy, proud and confident. Positive relationships are the overall contributors to happiness.
  • They push you to achieve your set goals: I wrote about setting goals in my last post. Now you have those goals set, you might need people to talk to about them, people to help you, be happy all you need are positive influencers. They will definitely help in one way or the other.

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