Hello Readers,

Happy Sunday, I know you all are having a nice time and those of you feeling down, cheer up and be joyful.

Been pondering on some several things and the exact content to write. Well it’s the start of a new week and I’ve decided it be on tips to help you start the week probably as a student, worker, or an entrepreneur.

Some believe that a favorable week starts with a positive vibe. Lool well yea I believe that too, a good week should start with a positive vibe. and yet some believe if the week starts on a bad note, then the whole week will definitely be bad, well I don’t believe that. Whether the week is starting on a positive or negative note, there’s still room for upgrade, for positivity. In essence I’m saying


Here are 3 (three) tips on starting the week on a positive note:

HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET/THOUGHTS: keep your mind on positive and encouraging things. We are humans and most times we tend to act according to our thoughts.

HAVE A WELL LAID PLAN: most times people tend to slack or be on the losing side basically because of improper planning or no planning at all. Get your plans down now, write them down if possible, in fact write them down and work according to plans.

PICK UP A GOAL FOR THE WEEK: pick a goal or a challenge and work towards the goal. If as an entrepreneur, you want to make twice the income you made last week, pick the challenge and work towards it. It could be a book; pick it and read (positive books).

These three tips will definitely help you in starting a good week. Have fun guys, enjoy the week.

Anticipate my next post by mid-week. It will be insightful.

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