connecting with people…


Hello awesome readers,

This might be a short article though but it’s basically on how well you get to connect with people.

you might have seen this kind of an article online because no doubt the internet is a very large place. and you might want to ask why I chose this random topic.

you see in life, something must actually give you an inspiration to do the thing you want to do or to do the things you are already doing.

so what is my inspiration behind this?

it’s the blog itself. you see growing here in Nigeria, I have always been that calm and shy person but yet I wanted my name to be out there. Thanks to the internet for making this very possible for me.

Back to the topic “connecting with people”

There are over 2 billion people on earth and the unique thing is that, not everyone has same characteristics. We all have different we ways we like to roll or commune with people.

For example, I’m using this platform to create conversation between you, I and several other persons out there.

So far I’ve been able to figure out about two things about how people want to communicate with each other. These two ways are:

Communicating physically, getting to each other, hooking up somewhere to talk- they say it makes them more realistic and legit you know.

Communicating via internet, calls, chats… well some don’t want to hook up, they feel fine when you just call and talk to them

So which are you?

“Let’s hook up and talk” or “Let’s just chat it up over the net”





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